Beverage losses and billing errors can add up and take a serious toll on your business. Bar, nightclub, and restaurant owners everywhere often ask: how can these losses be minimized—or eliminated completely?

Beverage control systems, such as the Harton beverage control system, are the perfect solution to reduce not only alcohol losses and billing errors, but also general workload. Beer or alcohol dosage can be controlled directly from the tap, which means extremely precise pours and no more losses. Even better, beverage control systems can be directly connected to your POS system or cash register, which allows you to select your operating mode according to your needs.

Connecting your beverage control system to your POS system allows you to :

  • Compare dispensed beverage vs registered.
  • Send POS bar orders to your beverage control system directly, with our unique “Universal Credit” interface: no POS module to buy. We call it “punch to pour” and you have no report to balance.
  • Send beverage debits to your POS system directly, when option is available from your POS.
  • Limit beverage dispensing remotely from the POS system
  • Combine those operating modes to fit your needs. This way, every beverage poured is accounted for, and you can easily keep track of every order.

To make your life even easier, customizable POS modules allow unlimited programming of portions and sizes that help avoid errors and beverage losses. Fewer billing errors and the one-step authorization of portion dispensing significantly reduce the weekly amount of bar control work and help achieve overall savings for your business. As a matter of fact, beverage control systems have been proven to become profitable very quickly, usually within less than a year.

Beverage control systems can benefit all types of businesses, from bars to nightclubs to restaurants and even auditoriums, stadiums and hotels. If your business is prone to significant losses in beer and alcohol and/or recurrent billing errors, opting for a beverage control system could be your next smart move!