A reliable and affordable solution for your business

Designed in Canada by specialists in the cash register industry, BEST software is meant for businesses looking for a reliable, flexible and affordable PoS solution. Over 2000 businesses have chosen BEST for their management needs.

Suitable for most retail businesses (restaurants, shops, convenience stores, bars, grocery stores, hair salons, and more) BEST also offers regular updates to keep up with the evolution of your business.

BEST software is installed by PoS systems specialists to meet all your needs and expectations. You can count on personalized service before, during and after the installation.

Versatility and flexibility

BEST features an entirely customizable interface according to your needs and was designed to be compatible with touchscreens for an efficient and user-friendly experience. BEST is also compatible with cash register keyboards and regular keyboards to provide you with a solution in accordance with the reality of your business.

Compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7, this software can also be interfaced to SQL databases or Microsoft Access; practical for businesses with several branches. BEST easily adapts to all types of businesses and constitutes a high-end management tool thanks to its inventory, order and customer account management features. BEST also generates reports that are custom-made for your business, and is ideal for the management of different types of businesses simultaneously. Its one-of-a-kind bidirectional multi-store communication system makes your operations easier and allows you to carry out your follow-ups with peace of mind. Contact CLS Info for more information.

Ideal solution for these business sectors