Global Payments Restaurant POS is a powerful all-in-one cloud-based point-of-sale solution, designed for all types of restaurants. This solution simplifies all catering activities, whether at the table, during deliveries, in the kitchen, at the self-service kiosk, at the counter or online, for allowing owners to manage and grow their business with complete freedom.

Turn tables faster

Skip the line

Sync servers and kitchen in real time

Manage orders from tableside to online to delivery

Access menus, inventory and sales from any device and location

Simplify business with a cloud-based POS

  • Process payments quickly while preventing fraud and chargebacks
  • Easily separate invoices by location, customer and payment method
  • Let customers add tip and sign directly on the touchscreen

Install self-service kiosks

  • Increase average bill per order and self-service payment
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve order accuracy

Get known through online ordering

  • Let consumers see the menu and pay online for a delivery or counter order, wherever they are
  • Promote the brand
  • Introduce a loyalty points system

Improve the customer experience with the guest app

  • Interact in real time with customers, in particular by sending them notifications on promotional and incentive offers
  • Let customers pre-order their dishes, scan their invoice to pay it, use loyalty points and receive a paper or electronic invoice (text message or email)

Cloud Benefits

  • Make end-to-end transactions visible on any internet-connected device
  • Get real-time reports to ensure you have enough employees and inventory
  • Take orders, make payments and print invoices even offline
  • Back up and secure data with end-to-end encryption