Harton Beverage Control System

Manufactured in Switzerland, the Harton beverage control system has the best performance and durability. The Harton interface provides all the necessary information for the optimal management of bars and restaurants. Moreover, it's compatible with most computer systems and cash registers. Harton products allow you to manage and dose any type of alcohol with peace of mind. They are easy to use, reliable and safe. 90% of our installations become profitable within less than a year.

POSibar Module

To help you make your operations at the bar easier, we also recommend the optional 'POSibar' module, a management interface for the precise beverage control of beer on tap, wine or bottles of alcohol. With a single step, you can authorize portion dispensing by selecting the appropriate feature on the screen. The unlimited programming of portions and sizes allows you to avoid errors and alcohol losses. Furthermore, the POSibar module eliminates billing errors and reduces the weekly amount of bar control work by many hours.