CLS Info sets itself apart from its competitors with its approach towards the management of your equipment. If we consider that your current equipment’s performance (network infrastructures, terminal estate and printers already in place) is sufficient to implement our solution, we will advise that you keep them in order to avoid unnecessary and costly expenses.

POSitouch features a mobile Android version of its user interface for waiters. This version is functional on both industrial and low-end tablets. We therefore recommend replacing certain obsolete terminals with tablets, since such an update in equipment would allow for an important reorganization of work in restaurant venues as well as a considerable increase in productivity.

In our project evaluation, we estimate that 20% of your equipment could be replaced due to being obsolete. These changes are taken into account in the project plan and budget.

Here is the list of equipment contributing to your technological update:

Thermal printer

CLS Info recommends the high-end POS EPSON TM-X thermal printer: it is fast, reliable, easy to set up and compatible with all the main operating systems. This printer features printing options that allow for up to 30% reduction in paper consumption.

Dot matrix printer (needle technology)

The TMU-220B dot matrix printer benefits from an extra paper cutter as well as an out-of-paper sensor. This model is also equipped with a wall mount system, ideal for bars and kitchens. The paper loading mechanism is simplified. The TMU-220B printer has other advantages, such as a fast print process and reduced operating costs.

All-in-one PC

Toshiba's TCxWave terminal can be used as a point of sale, a kiosk or a self-serve system. It is an elegant, robust and powerful terminal, designed to last in restaurant environments. Thanks to its touchscreen technology, its functions are intuitive and easy to use.

We are also a Tysso systems distributor. These systems are fully integrated and multifunctional. Tysso's all-in-one devices include many accessories such as printers, barcode readers, tills and much more.

If you are interested in substantial savings, we would strongly recommend considering the purchase of a refurbished system. At CLS Info, we ensure that allrefurbished products have been verified and certified. All systems have undergone a rigorous refurbishing process.

Commercial tablet (Windows OS, Android)

Windows OS and Android touchscreen tablets can be used as complete POSitouch terminals and are precious work tools in restaurants. All features, from table management to card transactions, are available on mobile terminals.