Delivery robots are great for doing small and repetitive tasks. Here’s the three models we offer.


Extra mobility
Personnalised publicity
Attractive to clients
Can welcome and guide client
Voice interaction
Multiple delivery options
Automatic recharge

Easy navigational system.
Multiple tables can be served at the same time.

Dimension 451x436x1103mm
Weight 38kg


Touch screen

Size: 565 x 537 x 1 290 mm
Weight: 57 Kg
Made from quality aluminium
Spped: 0,5 à 1,2 m/s
Weight charge: up to 40 kg


Transport capacity : 60 kg

Size: 541mm×531mm×1226mm
Weight: 60 kg
Time to charge: 4.5h
Battery autonomy: 10 to 24 h
Speed: 0.5 to 1.2 m/s