As a loyalty program, Freebees is an excellent way to attract new customers and encourage them to come back. Freebees reward points can be accumulated and spent in various stores and businesses, encouraging members to discover other participating businesses.

Freebees encourages not only local purchases, but also makes it possible to collect points in other cities where Freebees partners are located. Members can locate nearby Freebees partners thanks to the Freebees web app and collect points daily!

Benefits for partners

Becoming a Freebees partner allows you to offer an in-house loyalty program with a nation-wide scope. The Freebees geotargeting system lets you benefit from excellent visibility among members, while the platform gives you the possibility to create your own page on the Freebees website and mobile app.

That’s not all: Freebees also offers the option to generate substantive reports to assist you in the execution of your business strategy and get to know your customers better. Furthermore, the program lets you share attractive promotions that are specially targeted towards your clientele, whether it’s by email, “push” notifications, through platform-integrated advertising banners or in other ways, such as customized gift cards, promotional codes, Freebees points giveaways and more.

Benefits for members

Freebees members receive points to be redeemed in-store with any purchase at a participating store or business. These points are of two types: Exclusive Points (can only be used at the store where they were received) and Freebees Points (can be used at any participating store).

The member card and the Freebees mobile app make it possible to collect points in real time during purchases. Forgot your card? No problem! The mobile app compensates for this limitation by making points balances available at all times. It also offers a search tool that locates nearby participating stores.