The Volanté POS system is a reference on the market due to the variety of its modules, which are useful for diverse operations such as menu editing, inventory levels updates and the customization of business reports. Such operations contribute to optimal organizational and operational performance.

Fast Food

No matter the nature of your business, whether it's a fast food restaurant, a stadium, a cafeteria, a retirement home or a restaurant with table service, Volanté is a solution that perfectly caters to the challenges associated with each environment and adapts to the specific needs of each organization.

Table Service

The Volanté point-of-sale system is recognized for its convenience, speed and flexibility. Its advanced architecture ensures its performance and versatility. In the restaurant business, many modules allow to accelerate service at the counter and kitchen preparation: for example, order editing tools, screens for customers, tracking journals and video systems for the kitchen.

Multisite Management

In the case of restaurants offering table service, employees are particularly fond of features for managing tables, splitting bills, customizing orders and offering loyalty programs.

One cannot talk about Volanté without mentioning its multisite management module, which allows you to connect the POS in all your businesses to your accounting system and to link your marketing system directly to your head office. Volanté sets itself apart with its peer-to-peer technology. With this technology, data is instantly shared, which makes it possible to use the system at several workstations without interrupting workflow. Each terminal makes up a stand-alone network. Therefore, as soon as one system is up and running, the whole system becomes functional. In other words, if a system failure occurs, your business can keep running as long as there is no power failure. Furthermore, the Volanté technology guarantees total protection of your data. Choosing Volanté means investing in a durable system, which evolves according to your business's growth.